Do we even need to explain why Electric Vehicles?

The rationale for electric vehicles is so compelling it hardly needs explanation. However we are creatures of habit, and habits suggest buying a regular gas guzzler or "ICE" (Infernal Combustion Engine) car. So think about the following:

Electric Vehicles are here to stay

Yup. And they've been around a lot longer than you think. See this History of the Electric Car.

As of October, 2017, every significant car manufacturer has committed to moving to EVs including the US Big 3 ( GM, Ford, and hopefully FCA soon), and almost all German and Asian car makers.

The Wall Stree Journal notes that electric cars will be here sooner than you think (sign-in required).

This will have impacts beyond the obvious.

I have a presentation on Why you should ride electric that will be of interest to schools, clubs and associations, etc. At about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes this covers some background, some of the controversies, myths and realities, and the advantages of electric vehicles. If you are interested in having me present it, please contact me by email (my first name at this website's domain), or using this contact form.

Charging your EV at home uses less energy than your furnace or your hot water heater, only a little more than your fridge.

EV Cars

Three-Wheeled EVs reduce weight, complexity

The A-Z of EV Motorcycles

There are literally dozens of companies making electric scooters, e-bikes, and of course mobility riders for seniors; far too many to list here. Find a local dealer.

Trucks: Pickups

  • Havelaar Canada has announced the Bison, a pickup truck with fleet-only sales in 2018 and public sales for 2019.
  • Bollinger pre-announces a 200-mile range minimalistic 4-seater truck that can carry 72 sheets of 4x8 drywall. Pricing not announced yet.
  • Tesla has teased a design for a massive "pickup" based on some of the tech from their Semi.

    Trucks: Semis and Delivery