Anonymous Software Access - now on

I have a bunch of software that I make available. As it's generally too much trouble to make new distributions, I make most of it available on my page. Despite the URL of this page, I no longer make anything available by anonymous CVS. The most important repos are the Java Cookbook and Android Cookbook source code examples, but there is lots of other stuff here too (about 75 repos in all).

If you are unfamiliar with GIT, see the O'Reilly books and videos on git.

If you just want the Java Cookbook examples, you should only need to download two GIT Modules:

Other stuff there includes:

The following have not migrated there yet:

Download Zip Files If you don't want to get regular updates, you can download a Zip file. From the repos in Github, it's at the right side of each Repo main page.

Compiler Note: Java SE 1.8+ in use here. Most of my source code now requires Java 8 or later. Some of it will work on earlier versions, but some will not. You're on your own; try it and see. Java 6 is dead and EOLed. Java 7 is in having its midlife crisis (released Update >50) already. If you are still using something as ancient as Java 6 (or earlier), it's time to upgrade (to Java 8). The world has moved on.

Sending Updates:

If you'd like to send corrections to the code, please either use the Github "pull request" mechanism or, if you can't figure that out, send a decent patch using the reporting page.

Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc

If you are using Eclipse, you can get these out using the Git Repository window (most of these modules are both Eclipse and Maven projects). Check out the master branch of each (the only branch that exists in most). Get them in the order listed to avoid a lot of compilation warnings; there are project dependencies among them.