OpenBSD's ports mechanism is a pretty cool way of building third-party software for OpenBSD. Like everything else, it's done by volunteers. Here's my little bit.

My Committed OpenBSD Ports

These are ports in the tree that I am maintainer of, although I am pretty much slacking on a few of them. I originated most of these ports (except junit which I took over). I wrote the program used in jeoip.

Uncommitted Ports

Too many to describe in detail. These are in every state of disrepair, from working and almost committable down to nothing more than a Makefile that records a download location I thought I might want to make into a port someday. Some of these are not even mine but are from others; I just put them in "mystuff" cause our current Ports mechanism has a severe allergy to e.g., creating an "othersstuff" directory.

Here's a list, created by

cd /usr/ports/mystuff; echo */* | fmt

archivers/libtar audio/ardour audio/decibel audio/gramofile audio/sphinx benchmarks/ballista books/gitmo-sop books/handbook_applied_crypto books/numerical-recipes-c books/seceng books/thinking-in-java books/thinking-in-patterns cad/brlcad comms/barry comms/barrybackup comms/dfu-util comms/libopensync comms/qtdesktop comms/rxtx20 comms/smpp comms/smsclient databases/activeobjects databases/architect databases/dbvis databases/derby databases/liquibase databases/matchmaker databases/sqlsync devel/appframework devel/bakefile devel/bitbake devel/cobertura devel/cvs2svn devel/dbus-java devel/dwr devel/eclipse devel/gsbase devel/gwt devel/icefaces devel/iksemel devel/itext devel/jambi devel/javapathfinder devel/jdic devel/jmock devel/libcap devel/libmatthew-java devel/maven1 devel/netbeans6 devel/nsis devel/phoneme-feature devel/plugins devel/pmd devel/protobuf devel/swingworker devel/thecus-n2100 devel/verisoft editors/ editors/ooo-templates-sun education/britannica education/openadmin education/simpleJ emulators/jpc emulators/virtualbox emulators/xen games/darkstar games/freecol geo/geoserver geo/geotools geo/josm geo/roadmap geo/tangogps geo/worldwind graphics/VTK graphics/aoi graphics/backuphddvd graphics/coolscan graphics/freemind graphics/helixplayer graphics/icon-collection graphics/java3d graphics/jmf graphics/libsvg graphics/mgr graphics/minc2 graphics/silk-icons graphics/tesseract graphics/xara java/desklets java/javaposix java/junit4 lang/groovy lang/openjfx mail/javamail math/hdf5 math/jscience misc/gdbi multimedia/cinelerra multimedia/darwinstreamingserver multimedia/kino multimedia/qdvdauthor net/darwinstreamingserver net/geronimo net/glassfish net/jax-ws net/jboss net/log4j net/opal net/openfire net/opennms net/pentaho-bi net/psiphon net/rrd4j net/scalix net/servicemix net/shimmer net/trilead-ssh2 print/Makefile print/OOo-extras print/fop print/stixfonts productivity/jical productivity/lightning productivity/openproj productivity/sugarcrm productivity/sunbird security/chntpw security/cmospwd security/metasploit security/ophcrack security/pfw storage/lustre sysutils/dmidecode sysutils/obpkg sysutils/webmin sysutils/xtail telephony/asterisk-itu-g729 telephony/asterisk-java telephony/asterisk-voicevector-sounds telephony/chan_unistim_cw telephony/freeswitch telephony/kcall telephony/kiax telephony/linphone telephony/nvlinedetect telephony/openmoko telephony/pcapsipdump telephony/phonecall telephony/qtopia telephony/sip-communicator telephony/stund textproc/jgrep textproc/kdiff3 www/grails www/jetty www/jsurveylib www/jsvc www/konakart www/pebble www/rife www/roller www/seam www/surveytool www/tomcat x11/google-gadgets x11/kde

Some of these are available for download; these are ports, not packages, and should be untarred into /usr/ports/mystuff to avoid conflicts with CVS in the main part of the tree.