Ian Darwin: Privacy Policy

  1. We run our web site on the most secure operating system money can't buy, OpenBSD.
  2. We currently don't collect or store any online data about customers or surfers, other than what the Apache Web Server collects in its log files.
  3. We don't sell or distribute our customer data or server logs to anybody.
  4. We work hard to prevent SPAM from entering or leaving our site. We do log and report SPAM and other trespassing such as doorknob rattling by script kiddies and other would-be system crackers, and report these to their ISPs and to the relevant voluntary (MAPS RBL) and governmental authorities when we feel like it. Caveat cractor.
  5. Our actual customer data is not stored on a machine with a permanent connection to the Internet. In fact it's stored in a stack of papers in the corner of the garage, under some old copies of National Geographic.

What more could you ask?

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