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Ian Darwin: Python Resources

This is a list of some links that I have found useful. The master version of this file lives at
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Resources: Python Developer: General

Python Home -


Most O'Reilly Books ( are excellent. O'Reilly has a rep as the best Python, Java, UNIX, Perl, Mac OS X and MS-Windows technical publisher. They published my Java Cookbook. They run a Python Resource Center.


NameNotes View OnlineDownloadBuy in Print
Dive Into Python 3 Aimed at experienced programmers (in a language like Java/C/C++ etc.) who want to learn Python 3.
Dive Into Python Aimed at experienced programmers (in a language like Java/C/C++ etc.) who want to learn Python 2.x.
Python Cookbook Massive online resource, authored by many in the Python community. Selection of recipes available in O'Reilly Python Cookbook. -
Think like a computer scientist (Python) Large online book Book Book -
Learning Python O'Reilly. Kind of slow-moving
Thinking In Python By Bruce Eckert, but never completed. Warning: old Python here! - -

Patterns and Methods

Testing and TDD


Database, ODBC and ORM

Web Tier

By which I mean browser-based web sites.

Web Services

By which I mean SOAP-based web services, what some people equate with the vastly more generic term "SOA".

Asynchronous Messaging (M.O.M.)

This is about Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), not about "instant messaging" (but see for that).

Web2: AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

Web Server Security (SSL)


Enterprise - General

Development Tools

Local User Groups

Your Obedient Servant's web site:

Python stuff:

See Also

This comprehensive guide to Python resources.

Free, reliable, secure open-source UNIX system:

In addition to the well-known Linux, check out, OpenBSD is a leading freeware operating system. Arguably more secure than Linux, runs on more platforms than FreeBSD. Good for secure firewalls and servers. Python and many of its add-on frameworks are available ready-to-install via the OpenBSD Ports mechanism.

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