In 2022 and 2023, several FDM 3D printers were announced with extremely high quoted printing speeds. Traditional RepRap/Prusa-style FDM printers commonly had printing speeds of 50-100mm/sec, the speed they could reliably lay down filament onto the model. The following late-2022/early-2023 announcements began a race for speed. Since "Benchy the Tugboat" is commonly used as a speed benchmark, this is sometimes called the "speedboat race". There is in fact a website where people who build their own printers, or modify existing printers, can post speed ratings. The following are commercial, off-the-shelf FDM printers with their US retail pricing (for the assembled version and kit form where available) and the manufacturer’s rated maximum speed:

And in the do-it-yourself lineup:

All in all, there’s a lot of competition for the hearts and minds of FDM 3d printer users.