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Open letter to a major publisher that I write for.


Adobe has officially announced what many of us had feared, that there will never ever be an OS X version of Framemaker. This appeared yesterday at



https://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx?13@200.ytcUcrqVdLG.0@.2cd0cc96 (click "login as guest").

Since as of April 21 (2004), Framemaker is no longer a cross-platform product (Solaris doesn't really count where we live and breathe), I personally recommend that we take steps to discontinue purchasing any and all Adobe products.


On the second site cited above, Adobe makes the claim that "The decision to discontinue FrameMaker on the Macintosh operating systems was based on the market conditions for FrameMaker. The majority of our customers use FrameMaker on Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris platforms." Well Duh! They are four years behind in releasing a version that looks anything like a current Macintosh Framemaker, so what did they expect? I have known and used Framemaker since the 3.0 days, when it was run by Frame Technologies, before Adobe took it over. Framemaker, we weep for thee.