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True Cybergeeks will route around the iPhone hype

Go straight to the Open alternative
Everybody's heard the hype about the closed-source vunderkind cell phone that is supposed to "revolutionize" the industry. And maybe it will do well in the mass "consumer" market. But there is an open-source phone that has many of the same features - including a full-sized touch screen - but also has a full open-source telephony stack, runs Linux, and is going on sale at about the same time. Not to mention: about half the price for an unlocked GSM worldphone - meaning you can use it anywhere, almost immediately. See the wiki site and check back at the buying site. Just bear in mind that a lot of the software here is unfinished - open source geeks love to finish stuff - whereas the iPhone software is at least ready for Apple to release to the iPublic.

After I wrote this, it appears that Globe & Mail Technology Writer Jack Kapica agrees with me.
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Nice one Ian Darwin