I Develop Java...

It's one of the things I do best, and I've gotten pretty good at it over the years. I have the experience you need in developing:

I had the good fortune to download the very first alpha release of Java in May, 1995. I pretty much fell in love with the language, and have worked with it ever since. I've developed hundreds of small programs, dozens of Java-based web sites, and numerous client applications. Some of these are featured in my Java Cookbook, and the complete collecction can be downloaded for free (in source, of course) from my github page. I work in Java SE (client) and EE/Jakarta (distributed, web, enterprise) space. I do not work with the J2ME, so please don't ask.

I've also written my ideas down; my book on Java Development is O'Reilly's Java Cookbook. I wrote one of the world's first commercial Java training courses, for Learning Tree International, in 1996 (and I still teach for them). Over the years I have earned the Sun Certified Java Developer and Sun Certified Web Component Developer certifications.

If you need any Java development work, please get in touch right away. I'm anxious to help you with your Java project. If I can't help you, I will use my contacts to try to find somebody who can.

If you want to learn more about Java, start with my Java pages.

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