Ian Darwin: UNIX Consulting

I've used UNIX and C since 1980, when I stumbled onto them while working at the University of Toronto Computer Center. I was there when UofT joined the Internet in 1984, initially by a 9600-baud(!) leased line from Toronto to Rochester. We've watched the explosive growth of the Internet since then, and had time to reflect upon it.

I've built hundreds of shell scripts using all the standard tools. I've taught non-programmers to build their own tools using the simple notion of pipes and filters. I've written a four-day course on UNIX Tools and Utilities for Learning Tree.

I've written C/UNIX software as disparate as a floating license manager, X Windows applications (using X11, XView, Xt and Motif), device drivers, security tools, and individual text filter tools.

I've also administered UNIX systems and networks, and written on these topics.

Put all of this experience to work for you - drop me a line!.

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