What's New in Java?

This page lists some of the main things added to Java in recent releases. By the author of O'Reilly's popular Java Cookbook, this page is maintained (every so often) at https://darwinsys.com//whatsnew.html.

New in Java 9 (expected in 2017)

New in Java 8 (2015)

New in Java 7 (2012)

New Product: JavaFX (January 2009)

JavaFX is a new graphics language and API based on the Java machine and runtime. Primarily, it's what we've long needed: a compositional API for Swing and 2D graphics. JavaFX can be used in Applets, in Java WebStart, in desktop applications, and (very importantly) on mobile devices. Scope this out at Sun's new javafx.com site.

New in Java 6 (2007)

Java SE 6 (Java SDK 1.6) continues the trend, but most of the changes are in the libraries; there are no major changes in the language.

For more details, see Sun's Java SE 6 article.

New in Java 5 (2005)

Java 5 (Java SDK 1.5) is now called Java SE (Standard Edition), e.g., the "Java 2" part has been dropped from the name). Java SE 5 features important new features, some of which change the language in ways that are not backwards compatible:

New in Java 4 (J2SE 1.4, 2003)

Although Java 4 has been out for a long time, some Java developers still don't know about some of its new features: