JpsTrack.Android: Privacy Policy

JpsTrack will never capture identifiable information about you without your consent.

Here is a list of the permissions we ask Android for, and why we ask for each one:

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONTo find out where you are.
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONTo find out where you are.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGETo save notes and photos to your SD card or storage.
RECORD_AUDIOTo let you take voice notes.
PERSISTENT_ACTIVITYTo keep the program running while mapping.
INTERNETTo upload data to openstreetmap's database, only if you provide an account and password, and for uploading anonymous crash reporting info.
VIBRATETo get your attention (not currenly used).

Note that the mobile application saves some of this data onto your device, but we do not capture ANY of it to our web service. We do save your OpenStreetMap account name, but not the password, onto your device. The application is open source so you can verify this yourself, by looking at the github repo.

The only time we upload identifiable stuff is to OpenStreetMap. In that case, you are covered by OpenStreetMap's own privacy policy, which we have no control over.

We do send crash dumps in the event that you encounter an application crash that our extensive testing did not catch before shipping the app. Crash Reporting does not capture personally-identifiable information, but does store information such as your device's make and model, your country, and other technical information, but this transmission does not include your OSM name, so there is no effective way for us to associate any information in the crash report with you personally.

Thank you for using jpsTrack!