Ian’s OpenBSD Writings

3D Printing on OpenBSD? Yes, that’s a thing! (2023) A writeup on recent ports additions that allow a full 3D printing workflow to be carried out on OpenBSD.

OpenBSD on the Acer Aspire One, At Ten (2019), a followup to my 2008 article on the Aspire One. Also linked to from Undeadly.org.

Running OpenBSD on Raspberry PI (2017), my writeup on a project to use Raspberry PI with OpenBSD for temperature monitoring.

OpenBSD on a midrange laptop: Dell Studio 15 (2010) Hardware review of the Dell Studio and notes that OpenBSD now runs fine on it. December, 2010.

OpenBSD on the Acer Aspire One (2008) discusses the "netbook" hardware platform and how OpenBSD runs on it. October, 2008.

Soldiers Renege on Hackers (2003) My comments on DARPA having cut funding to the OpenBSD project. Published on O’ReillyNet, Apr. 18, 2003 Archived at archive.org; last archived from the original in 2008, before O’Reilly’s web team broke the link.

My Tutorial on OpenBSD servers and firewalls presented at BSDCon Europe 2002, November 15-17, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Outdated material.

A Good Webserver at the Right Price (1998), my review of the system in WebServer OnLine! (associated with SunExpert / Workstation Expert, original site defunct, thankfully archived by the Internet Archive (link above, missing images); also a bulkier PDF locally. The article is years old, but much of what it says about the project still applies. Very out-dated, of course; among other changes, we now use our own httpd by default.