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Ian Darwin: Python Resources

This is a list of some links that I have found useful. The master version of this file lives at

My list of Python books at (affiliate link).

Resources: Python Developer: General

Python Home -


Most O'Reilly Books ( are excellent. O'Reilly has a rep as the best Python, Java, UNIX, Perl, Mac OS X and MS-Windows technical publisher. They published my Java Cookbook. They used to run a Python Resource Center.

The article 100 Helpful Python Tips has some good pointers, though a lot of it is basic Python syntax.

One significant improvement being made to the language in 3.x is parameter types or, as they call them, type annotations. Instead of writing def fun(one, two): you can now write def fun(one: int, two: str): and if a caller passes the wrong kind of argument, they will (in later Python 3 releases) get a compile-time failure. Of course being Python they are optional. And, they chose the Pascal syntax (name: type) instead of the syntax used in almost every modern language (type name). But there they are. More examples here.


Statistics and Machine Learning

Patterns and Methods

Testing and TDD


Database, ODBC and ORM

Web Tier

By which I mean browser-based web sites.

Asynchronous Messaging (M.O.M.)

This is about Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), not about "instant messaging" (but see for that).



Development Tools

To avoid preferential treatment, these are in alphabetical order.
Black Adder Python IDE $
Boa Constructor Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder Free
Eric Python IDE Python IDE written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget. GPL
Komodo Python IDE Python IDE $
NbPython Python plug-in for NetBeans Free
PyCharm Full-blown IDE Community/Pro Editions
PyDev Python plug-in for Eclipse Free (in the Eclipse Marketplace)
SPE IDE - Stani's Python Editor Python IDE Free
Wingware's Python IDE Python IDE $

This list will never be fully up-to-date. See also this List of IDEs at

Your Obedient Servant's web site:

Python stuff:

See Also

Free, reliable, secure open-source UNIX system:

In addition to the well-known Linux, check out, OpenBSD is a leading freeware operating system. Arguably more secure than Linux, runs on more platforms than FreeBSD. Good for secure firewalls and servers. Python and many of its add-on frameworks - and even PyCharm - are available ready-to-install at no cost via the OpenBSD Ports mechanism.