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AnnaBot: Annotations Assertion Based Object Testing...

AnnaBot is an open-source project to provide a tool for verification of correct use of annotations in any API that uses them. Examples will hopefully be prepared for Hibernate, Seam, JPA, Spring, and any other frameworks that people submit "claim" files for.

There is currently no documentation except a man page. We need developers who want to play; the source code can be obtained from

cd (where you want the source to appear)
git clone
See the README file for status and how to build/run it.

Suggested patches to existing code can be sent as pull requests using the normal Github mechanism, or as git diff against the current repository contents.

The research paper was accepted for presentation at DEFECTS 2009, a workshop held as part of ISSTA 2009. ISSTA 2009 Logo
The abstract appears in the ISSTA 2009 procedings.
Slides from the talk are here (PDF).

Journal Paper: The full version of the paper appeared in Advances in Software Engineering special issue on software testing, online at