Jan 1, 2001

This is a random collection of stuff I wrote and/or stuff I like enough to keep here.

Stuff I wrote

My 1981 ideas on The Desk of the Future.

The following articles appeared in SunExpert, a long-defunct glossy magazine during the 1990’s, and Linux Journal (which is still publishing after 25 years and three owners). I may add more of these articles here as I get them scanned.

Linux Journal

Stuff I Liked Enough To Save

  • When should tests be automated? (1998) (Pro tip: usually!)

  • A Sound of Thunder, Ray Bradbury’s short story that inspired the Butterfly Effect movie. (1952) The story is better than the movie and is, of course, a perfect allegory: not for how changing the past might change the present for the worse, but rather, how we have the power to change the present and thereby change the future for the better.