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Svend (and Bush) Confused?

Today's news reports that veteran Candadian MP Svend Robinson got "confused" and pocketed an expensive ring at a jewelry auction. In our corrupt society, politicians spend their entire working lives stealing from taxpayers (just look at the gliberals' Sponsorship Scandal). So it's not surprising, merely disturbing, that they occasionally let this carry over into their private lives. The solution to Svend's problem is not in his punishment nor in his being forgiven; the solution, as I have said before, is for the populace (and their "servants", the politicians) to totally get over the idea of taxation as an entitlement. It is the notion of tax money as an entitlement for politicians to spend that makes inevitable such diverse amusements as Svend's transgression, the Sponsorship Scandal, and Bush's War against Iraq. Until we as an entire society get over this notion, we will have thieves running our countries and warfare between nations.