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Tower is up, waiting for WISP

Finally! After considerable huffing and puffing, and a lot of ropes serving as a "skyhook", we got the top element in place. Guy wires for the top 10-foot segment are loosely in place (though they are not strictly necessary, they provide redundant safety), and will be finalized tomorrow. Here with great joy are some views from the top.
As always, click on either photo for a much larger version (1.5Mb).
tower004 tower005
P.S. What makes this especially maddening is that we found out from a Bell subcontractor tech (who was repairing our voice and dialup lines, which were both down for ~36 hours over Christmas!) that our phone line now runs over fiber optic cable to within about 1.5km of our house, so literally only the "last mile" is copper. Never mind that we are 15 km from the CO; Bell could enable "Sympatico high speed" in our area very easily, whenever the cost of the remoting hardware comes down...