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JavaOne is underway...

Hectic as always
JavaOne is Sun's annual Java conference, held in San Francisco's cavernous Moscone Centre each year. I'm here to present a talk based on my new eBook Checking Java Programs, in which I talk about PMD, FindBugs and Pathfinder. There are huge crowds for the keynote session, which I skipped due to needing time to re-think parts of my talk, but you can hear great cheers from time to time so I'll have to check the reports and see what they announced.

If you're here this year, there are plenty of good talks on during most of the time slots. I once heard a phrase I liked, that 'time is nature's way of stopping everything from happening at once'. Sun have overstepped this, having so many things happening at once that you couldn't take them all in if you tried.
Just in the testing-related area:

TS2007 Static Analysis (Bill Pugh) – Wednesday
TS9667 Testing Beyond the IDE (my talk) Wednesday 1450
TS3661 Writing Testable Desktop UIs (Fri 1210)
TS2906 GC-Friendly Programming (Thu 1730)
BOF9231 FindBugs BOF (Wed 2055)
BOF9066 Memory Leaks
BOF2775 Testing Patterns (Thu 2155)
BOF9982 OutOfMemory Errors (Thu 2155)

I think I feel an OutOfTimeError coming on, caused by trying to take in too many sessions at the same time.