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What's wrong with the Web, part 42

In a story on BoingBoing, a "web developer" who got a major bit of Sticker Shock on his eye(candy)Phone from AT&T wrote:

"On the way to the airport, I activated the per-use international roaming data plan - the only one offered to me. The rep quoted me $.005 per KB but did not disclose what that would translate to in layman's language (i.e., X amount per e-mail, X amount per web page, etc.). I'm a web developer as part of my career and I couldn't even tell you how many KB the average web page is, no less a text message to my son, an e-mail with a photo to my mother, or a quick check of Google Maps. That's part one of the trap.", he wrote, referring to AT&T trapping him into spending money. He's right, but in the wrong direction. It's part of the trap that some web designers get into, of not knowing or caring how bloated their pages get, as long as they look pretty in the office with a direct connection. People on slower connections pay the price.  In this one case, the web developer got to pay the piper. Except that he was able to wiggle out of it.
Reply from Farhan at 2007-08-01 20:58:28.104

Canadian carriers would not have allowed anyone to wiggle out of anything...