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Ian's Top Ten Today,

In no particular order...
Here are some links that I found worth passing on recently. This is not a monthly or even a regular listing; I'll repeat this when I have another ten.
  1. End Software Patents
  2. Jacob C. Hornberger: Hillary Should Have Apologized for Waco in Waco
  3. Building a Green PC at ArsTecnica
  4. Canadian Politics: Let Elizabeth Speak (although, despite the noble-sounding URL, it only pleads for one of our minority parties)
  5. Managing Your Inbox courtesy of RIM
  6. Microsoft dupes consumers into buying crappy hardware just to pinch Vista out the door (Caveat: this blog contains statements admitted in evidence but not "proven" by trial, and doesn't know how to spell "dilemna")
  7. Free book downloads in CS/Eng/Programming from www.freetechbooks.com/index.php
  8. Senator denies 0,000 in telecom corporate donations could affect vote on telecoms immunity bill (I can just see Jay Leno delivering that line, can't you?)
  9. MPAA lies about college downloading, agitates for legal interventions, and laughs its 0B profits all the way to the bank
  10. Humor: PHD Comics, especially this strip (thread continues about 8 strips later).
Like I say, tha-tha-that's all (for now), folks. When I get another ten, this'll be back.
Reply from Lak at 2008-03-06 22:23:54.702

That Waco article was interesting.  I'd never seen the correlation between the jingoism in our response to McVeigh and to 9/11.

The patent article is a bit preposterous.  Things like email and Huffman codes were created out of taxpayer-funded research projects. Not out of some magic innovativeness by private companies.  The real argument against software patents is that few of them meet a non-obviousness threshold.

Hey, what's with Canadian TV saying Obama's team was downplaying NAFTA when it was Clinton's team that was actually calling the embassy?  You Canucks can't tell the difference between them?