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Expelled; No Intelligence Found

Another Fraudulent pseudo-documentary
The April 24 issue of Epoch Times' Canadian Edition carried an article "Ben Stein challenges Darwin" which purports to be a review of Ben Stein's new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but it's more like a whitewash than an actual review.  The reviewer writes: "Stein uncovers... a powerful science education establishment that threatens the livelihood of any academic who wishes to offer an alternative explanation to the Darwin concept of evolution."  In fact, one of the leading examples of those who have "unjustly lost their careers and livelihood simply for mentioning Intelligent Design publicly" is Richard Sternberg. Contrary to the reviewer's claims, however, Sternberg did not lose either his job nor his livelihood.  He did lose his editorship of a refereed scientific journal - not for "mentioning" creationism but for committing such a massive violation of academic ethics that it might constitute fraud legally as it does ethically: he used his editorial position to publish an unrefereed article by creationist Stephen Meyer in a refereed scientific journal. There are so many other falsehoods in Ben Stein's movie (from the opening scene in which they rented a classroom at Pepperdine University and packed it with extras to falsely convey the impression of University student support for his views), that all I can do is refer you to a detailed review in Skeptic OnLine at https://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/08-04-17.html for a detailed discussion. You can also read an open letter from Richard Dawkins (Dawkins touches upon the truly evil attempts in the film to associate evolution with Hitler). There is also a website "Expelled Exposed".