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Rage Against the Bailout

"The Bailout" came and went, the market dipped sharply the same day, and went back up the next day as "the market" did what it always does: balances out the interests of the many, impartially. Something governments will never be able to do; they shouldn't even try.& All the bailout would do is postpone the agony, and, enrich the few at the expense of the many, an example of government doing what it usually does.& Greenwald has a link showing that Speaker Pelosi, claiming to be acting on behalf of the people, is actually acting to save the ten million USD that she has invested in stocks of such well-managed companies as AIG and AT&T...&

But the rejection of the bailout is better than a rejection of screwing the many to benefit the few; it's a rejection of the typical big-government back-room deals that are presented to the people as fait accompli. It's wonderful that so many people took the time to write, phone, fax, and email their representatives to voice their displeasure with the bailout (and, one assumes, threaten to vote against the said congress-critters in the upcoming election if they should reject vox populi). This, folks, is democracy in action, 21st Century style.
Reply from Ian Darwin at 2008-10-01 17:26:00.102

P.S. If you live in the US, you may wish to sign the "no" petition at https://nowallstreetbailout.com/.