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Another New Nation, Conceived in Liberty?

Once more, dear friends, unto the breach...?
The state of the world is pretty depressing for anyone who cares about liberty. NSA, GHQ and CSE have pretty much turned the western world into the world of Big Brother (Orwell's, not the TV show). So it's unsurprising that freedom-loving people are attracted to the various "new country" projects. And it's not like there's a shortage of already-failed new country projects; this list is far from complete, and lists only ones with an explicit or strongly implicit Libertarian bent:
I'm sure there are more. But the latest one has an interesting bent; it is based on a small (tiny) plot of land between two countries that don't really like each other (Croatia and Serbia), which due to the irregular border, neither country lays claim to. Have a look at the simplistically-named Liberland (official websiteWikipedia article).