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Google I/0 2015

Here are some notes from the I/O 2015 Keynote, supplemented a bit from some of the sessions. Thanks to Pivotal Labs for the space and Amin for organizing the Toronto viewing.

Android Auto GM (13 Chevy models), VW, Ford, numerous others releasing in 2016 Android M Preview - David Burke 1 Permissions - More sensible-grained Permissions at first-run time, looks a bit like HTML5 local access permissions Revoke or change later in Settings->Apps 2 HTML WebKit - Chrome Android has custom tabs that appear in the App 3 Web Links - Android Manifest can claim a URL, it will be verified, then, links to that will open in that App instead of the Choose App dialog. 4 Android Pay. One-use credit card#. NFC. Lots of partners onboard in US (Target, Best Buy, Walgrens...) 5 Fingerprint scanners - becoming common, so provide a standard API for it. 6 Power and charging - Doze mode reduces synch activity, USB-C allows faster charge (Later talk said: Preview available NOW for Android Studio; several iterations, final Q3) Android Wear - David Singleton (real name) Always On screen (low-intensity image after short timeout) Brillo - a cut-down Android for Internet Of Things (IoT) Nest appliances etc etc Weave - communication JSON-like language for Brillo (Android and iOS and...) Preview 15Q3 Deep Neural Nets (30 layers) (Think this was stated as the lead-in to G.Now...) Google Now - Aparna Cheppurna (sp?) (various enhancements) "Google Now On Tap": Long-press Home button, G-Now activates, finds stuff by context, e.g, playing music by a pseudonymous artist, speak "What is his name", it finds the artist's real name and other links to their info Google Photo Unlimited free storage for photos for everyone for ever (did you happen to see movie "The Kingsman"?) "All your photos are belong to us" - we need to see the ToFC before using this service!! Jen Fitzpatrick, VP Engineering 3rd World next 1B users, avail now in 6 countries MAPS OFFLINE!!! - includes turn-by-turn navigation Jason Tyson - Dev Tools(?) Android Studio 1.3 Preview - finally addressing the horrible speed problems in using Gradle Full support for C/C++ Polymer 1.0 for web developers CocoaPods for iOS distribution of many SDK's Gloud Testing for Android based on their acquisition of one AppPurity(??) cloud test company GCM now available for iOS - one Cloud Notice platform for all (well, 95%) of devices Can use OS-level notifications Unified Ad campaigns, more/better info available Abilty to do A|B testing with different listings on Play Store Make a company Play Home Page Google Cardboard - Clay Bayer VR for all Cardboard version now supports phones up to 6" screens (thank you Nexus 6, iPhone 6+) iOS SDK as well as Android "Expeditions" - classroom trips for the places you can't afford or isn't safe to visit "Jump" - VR capture 1) 16 video cams in a circle complete plans to be released this summer! GoPRO will sell a rig for this 2) Assembler - massive computing crunching to merge images and render from multiple perspectives to allow smooth zooming, scrolling 3) Player - there must be a capable player for these videos. There is. It's called YouTube. Project Loom(?) - balloon-based internet access - can cover the size of Rhode Island with 1, can navigate it drone-style from around the world to position within 500M accuracy. That's all I wrote down. Sure there's more. From later sessions: Data Binding - connecting UI to back-end data (finally). Done at compile time. Android Design Support Library - new for Material Design. Stylus with pressure - Bluetooth HID< Missing - nothing about Google Glass.