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Framework Sustainable Modular Laptop - Now in Pre-order; 'the waiting is the hardest part'

Pre-order Yours Now!

[Updated 2021-07-23: Some guy name Linus (not THE Linus) has got his hands on one, and done a very favorable review on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rkTgPt3M4k].

The sustainable, repairable, DIY Framework laptop which I wrote about in "I Tried That" is nearly here - after a couple of years of preparation, they’ve done their final pre-production factory run and the results are good. Pre-ordering was set to start "this spring", and they made it. Despite industry-wide chip shortages, the team says it has the connections - forged when they started successful hardware companies like VR headset maker Oculus - and the flexibility in using components from multiple manufacturers - to begin shipping the first batch of orders in July. Just to see how carefully this team plans stuff out, look at founder Nirav Patel’s post on Calculating the Full Cost of a Hardware Product. Should be considered required reading for anybody starting or planning to make and sell a product!