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Another Site Re-write


This is the nth rewrite of the darwinsys.com web site, which I began in the mid 1990’s. The first domain registration was on St Patrick’s Day 1995; first commit was May 2 1995; earliest Archive.org ("way back machine") capture was January, 1998.

This version’s front page is written using Hugo, a remarkably fast "static site generator" (written in Go), which creates HTML pages from AsciiDoctor input (Markdown is also supported). The theme I’m using this time around is hugo-profile, a theme created by Guru Sabarish.

Most of the pages are in HTML; some are in AsciiDoctor format. Of these, the shorter ones will be rendered by Hugo using the "blue bar" template, whilst some will be pre-formatted by AsciiDoctor (those have a black bar at the bottom).

This constitutes a big re-organization, so some parts will almost certainly not work initially. Please be patient, as I have a couple of bigger (better paying!) projects on the go at the same time. If you spot a big problem, or something you need in a hurry, feel free to let me know on the contact page.

Also, for the first time, I’ve made the decision to leave some old material behind. So a few topics that I’m no longer active in will be cut. Again, if any of these giving you a 404 makes you sad, please let me know via the contact form.