Ian's Books

Apr 1, 2020
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I have a number of books in print, one or two out of print, and some not yet in print. You can see a full list on Amazon. Here are details on some of the main ones.

For Software Developers


O’Reilly Java Cookbook, updated for Java 14. My favorite book; my magnum opus (so far).


Checking Java Programs with Open Source, both a book and a (more up to date) video series. Published by O’Reilly.


O’Reilly Android Cookbook, updated for Android 7. Originally crowd-sourced; majorly revised by yours truly for its second edition.

For Systems Administrators


Tomcat: The Definitive Guide (co-author with Jason Brittain). This book is way out of date; please do not buy it. It’s not being updated since my co-author (who became senior author) is no longer involved.

In progress

Java Database

Java Desktop Guide

Andrej’s Ashes: A memoir

Out of print


Checking C Programs with Lint - my first book, quite old now, and out of print. Will not be updated, since modern C compilers have most of lint's checking built in.

Never even in print

X User’s Guide: Volume 3 OPEN LOOK Edition (unpublished) - About the project - Free download of software from CD-ROM

My bookshelf

I have several lists of books by others, over at bookshop.org, some on particular programming languages/systems (Java, Python, Unix/Linux, etc), and one for the educated reader (developer or not).