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Contact Ian Darwin

Ian Darwin
R R # 1,
Palgrave, Ontario
Canada L0N 1P0

Please use this form to contact me about anything. Please note the following:

  • I simply do not answer unsolicited requests offering SEO, Web Design, Recruiters, mailing lists for sale, etc.;
  • If you are a student I will not write your assignment for you; I wrote the Java Cookbook and the Android Cookbook so you can find out how to do things without asking me; please buy a copy or look it up in your library.

Thank you.

If you are reporting a problem with my software, please read this first.

On second thought, if you really need to get hold of me, you probably know, or can future out, how to contact me at the email domain of this contact page. The submit form has been removed to block spammers. A picture is worth at least half a dozen words.