What's in Your Bag?

May 14, 2021


People sometimes ask what equipment I use. So here’s a list:

Computer Software

Computer Hardware

  • Laptop: Framework Laptop. The Framework is expected to live "forever" by upgrading components. (My Review)

  • Previous Laptop: Dell Studio 1558 (My Review)

  • Desktop: an ancient generic PC that lives forever by upgrading components.

  • Server: Virtual, via Vultr hosting (previously: colo with Clarity).

  • Router: PC Engines APU2 running OpenBSD

  • Printer: a 25-year-old HP6MP "boat anchor" that just keeps going and going

Computer Troubleshooting

  • ISOStick USB device: stores arbitrary number of bootable ISOs, lets one be nominated to be the "USB Boot CD/DVD" image. Doubles as a regular USB memory stick.

  • I prefer wired Ethernet over WiFi because of ionizing radiation concerns (probably groundless but "an abundance of caution") and speed (WiFi 6 finally caught up to gigabit ether around 2020). So I use this Paladin Tools cable tracer (out of manufacture; still findable online a few places) for cabling issues.

  • Generic Asian multimeter

  • Generic PCI bus card for PC hardware issues.

Audio Hardware


  • Current ISP: sucks too badly to even mention their name

  • Planned ISP: Starlink.com, or fiber, whichever gets here first.

Cell Phone

  • Current: Teracube 2e modular, repairable smartphone (My Review)

  • Past: Pixel 2 - in mint condition but Google dropped support for it :-(

  • Test devices for mobile app development - the above, plus a few older phones & tablets


  • Camera: Trusty old Nikon

  • Lenses: Nikon, Tamron

  • Bags: Tenba "Shootout" (as in, "shooting outside"; discontinued, sadly, a rare waterproof bag on the market)

  • Photo Software: DigiKam cataloging, Gimp, DarkTable, LightZone. Occasionally Photoshop, Lightroom.

  • Video Software: Shotcut, occasionally an out-of-support copy of Camtasia.