Here are some useful download sites for Java developers. I’ve generally chosen the open source and/or free download version of tools as these are the ones I use most of the time.

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Note: W M L means Windows, Mac and Linux downloads. Default (or J) is pure-Java download. Some offer both!

Getting Java

Java runtime (for running applications and/or for running in the browser) W M L

OpenJDK download: W M L

Oracle JDK: W M L Licensing issues may apply!

OpenBSD/NetBSD/FreeBSD: in your system’s ports/packages tree:

# pkg_add -vU jdk-11 # e.g., on OpenBSD

Java Build Tools

For new projects you should probably use Maven as your build tool: (download links for binary and source)

Or, for Maven with an easier-to-use config file, Kobalt (Kobalt is introduced in Java Magazine)

Or maybe Gradle

The oldest build tool, ant, is still available at (download links for binary and source), but its use is in decline due to its extremely verbose build files; it’s been called "the assembly language of build tools".

Integrated Development Environments

The "big 3" Java IDEs all have plug-in support for lots of languages and formats. My personal favorite is Eclipse, but for Android work I have to use Android Studio, built on IntelliJ.

Eclipse Download: W M L

NetBeans Download:

Java EE App Server

WildFly WildFly is the project once known as "JBoss Application Server".

TomEE TomEE (pronounced like "Tommy") is the standard Apache Tomcat Java-powered web server, with JAR files already added into it to make it a full Java EE server.


Web Services Code

See Also (and other repos there) - General Java examples.