Medly, A Medical App

Dec 31, 2014

Medly is the medical app I built part of. I wrote the first production Android version of the Medly mobile app around 2013, and hired most of the team that maintained it after I left employment there. In late 2021, Medly was adapted to work on Amazon devices with Alexa (scroll down to "Expanding accessibility for at-home health monitoring").

Initially for heart attack patients (sick enough to need monitoring but not needing a hospital bed post-recovery), we send them home with a smartphone and some medical devices (bluetooth). Each morning the app guides them through all measurements. When the necessary readings have been collected and sanity-checked, the app sends the data to a server at the hospital. This server runs an algorithm designed by the Head of Cardiology at Toronto General Hospital. If a patient is not self-caring adquately, they get a phone call from the head of cardiology, and, presumably, a lecture :-).

We have some journal papers (click 'Research Publications') on how this approach not only reduces healthcare costs, but by reducing "re-admissions" (subsequent heart attacks, a ride in the van with the flashing lights, etc.), saves lives.

Probably the most rewarding app I’ve worked on.

This work was done at Toronto General’s Centre for eHealthInnovation, where I also worked on breathe, ned, and other apps.